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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : How many ways can I book a hotel room with Sawasdee Hotels Group?
A : You can book a Sawasdee Hotels’ room in 5 difference ways

Via Internet.
- Through our hotel website at

Via Our Reservation Center.
- You can call our Reservation Center Hotline Monday – Saturday 9am – 7pm - If you are in Thailand, please dial 02-256-0890 extension 303 to 307 - If you are outside Thailand, please dial +66-2256-0890 extension 303 to 307

Direct Booking via Hotel’s Front Desk
- You can direct book our room at all our Hotel’s Front Desk

Via E-mail
- Please prepare all these information (see Question below) and email it to [email protected]

Via Fax
- Please ready all this necessary information (see Question below) and fax it to 0-2256-0738, 0-2256-0739 or 0-2256-0741.

Q : What kind of information do I need to provide when I make a room reservation?
A:Please have ready all these information

1. Your Full Name (First Name and Last Name)
2. Your Nationality
3. Arrival Date
4. Departure Date
5. Hotel’s Name you would like to stay.
6. Room Type and Price.
7. How many rooms do you need?
8. How many persons and their name.
9. Your email address.

Q : How to book a room via Telephone
A : Please get ready all the necessary information (see Question above) and call our Reservation Center.

- If you are in Thailand, please dial 02-256-0890 extension 303 to 307-
- If you are outside Thailand, please dial +66-2256-0890 extension 303 to 307

Over the phone, our call center clerk let you know the price you have to pay for your room, she will also give you our hotel bank account information for bank wired money transfer purpose. After you have transfer the fund, please FAX us your Receipt or any related documents. Please also keep your Receipt and show it to our hotel’s Front clerk when you check in.

Q : How to Book a hotel room via internet or through your hotel website?

1. Go to
2. Choose the Hotel, Room Type and Price you like
3. Click on the link or the hotel’s name
4. Choose the Promotion Package or the Room Type you prefer
5. Click Book Now
6. Key-in Check In and Check Out date
7. Select your Room Type you like
8. Click Search
9. Please select from the Available room from the Status column
10. Select No of Room you like and click Continue
11. The screen will show the Room and Price you just selected, if it is correct, click Book
12. Please Review your selection and also Read our Cancellation Policy
13. After you have agreed with our policy, please continue by provide your Log-in-email and Password if you are already a member OR click Continue to register as a new member.
14. Please provide any other information as request on the page, select or click on the small box or the orange text read Please click here to agree to All to agree on our Terms & Conditions /and Cancellation Policy
15. Clicks Continue.
16. You will be shows all the details that you provide to us so far. If it is correct, please
17. Click proceed to Payment page. You will be taken to our Online Payment Gateway page which is provided by a company name PaysBuy.
18. Please provide necessary credit card information for your payment.
17. After the payment process, you will be show the Hotel Voucher page. Please print it And bring it to the hotel when you check in.

Notes: If more than 24 hours and you don’t receive any Booking Acknowledgement from us, please contact us for more details.

Q : What type of Credit Card can I use?
A : We accept VISA, Master Card, JCB and Diners Club.
Q : Booking Acknowledgement.
A : Booking Acknowledgement is the officer Voucher that for customer who reserved room via internet.with the deposit PAID. All important details and outstanding payment was show on the Voucher.
Q : If I don’t book online, how can I get a confirmation?
A : If you don’t book your room online with paid deposit, your reservation is not complete and we can only acknowledge your booking and can not confirm or guarantee a room for you.
Q : After I booked my room, what if I want to change my Arrival Date
A : You can call or email us not less than 72 hours or 3 days before your Arrival Date to change your New Arrival Date.
Q : What if I want to Cancel my Booking, how many days in advance so that I don’t have to pay for any penalty.
A : From April 1 to Oct 31 not less than 72 hours or 3 days

From Nov 1 to March 31 not less than 7 days

Will refund 80% of your deposit in to your credit card account and charge you only with 20% for transaction fees

Q : I already give you all the information needed, but my Credit Card still not approved.
A : Your Credit Card may not go through if

1. you key in the wrong number or info
2. your Credit Card is actually a Debit Card but not Credit Card
3. your Credit Card might have a restriction to use it online or oversea
3. you forgot to key in the Security Code at the back of the Credit Card
4. your Credit Card was Expired
5. your Credit Card might have not enough Credit

Q : If it is in High Season, how many days in advance do I need for booking?
For Pattaya – December to February – 3 months in advance Weekday and not peak 15-20 days
Bangkok – 3-5 Days
Q : Can I check-in before noon?
A : Normally yes if there is a clean and ready room available but No Promise.
Q : Do I have to pay any extra if I check-in before noon?
A : No if we have an available room. But if it is a different Room Type and Rates, then you have to pay the difference.
Q : Why do I have to pay for the Key Deposit?
A : To guarantee for all the things stay the same condition while you stay with us, and to guarantee our customer don’t check-out early and take our key with them.